An Open Letter To Virat Kohli Ahead Of The 2019 IPLAn Open Letter To Virat Kohli Ahead Of The 2019 IPL

Dear Virat Kohli,

For the previous five years, you have had an exquisite run with the willow. You have outstanding bowling strike, liberate runs at will in different situations and made us gape at you in awe. You performance  in ODI cricket with 41 centuries, and you were also the fastest to score 10000 runs in the ODI format of the game. You look all set to take ODI cricket to statistically new hights never witnessed before.

You have also been a member of the World Cup 2011 winning Squad. As well as the Champions Trophy winning squad. And you recently strike India to a historic series triumph over Australia earlier this year.

But then, Virat, there is this one thing that sticks out as a blot in your otherwise sparkling career- the IPL trophy. You have been a part of the RCB Team for last 11 seasons, but not once have the Royal Challengers Bangalore team lifted the trophy.

There have been several people who have trolled you, and the RCB squad. One of the posts I read was “One of the individual told me that I would die when RCB wins the IPL. So, basically, he granted me immortality.”

Now, this extremely hurt and that is precisely why I want you to go out and win the VIVO IPL 12 this year.

On a personal letter, you have had a surreal run with the willow with the bat for RCB. You are the league’s second highest run scorer, and that IPL 2016 Season stands out sharply in my mind, where you stood out as the king of all that you had surveyed.

That ton you hit in front of the Kings XI Punjab having stitches in your hand showed us how much you loved the game. It was also the season which displayed us that we were witnessing a aspect in action. Afterwards it, for all your individual splendor, the team fell short.

There are individuals who have criticized you for being aggressive and for giving vent to your feelings. But then, if it brings out the best in you, go ahead and be yourself. People will keep talking things, but don’t give too much attention to them.

Traditionally, being from Chennai, I should support the Chennai Super Kings. I have implanted for them in the past, but this time in VIVO 2019 IPL, I am going to be with Royal Challengers Bangalore. I want the trolls to end, I want you pumped up again, I want you to lay your hands on that IPL 2019 trophy. Virat, you should finally be the winning IPL captain 2019.

So, best wishes Virat, for this VIVO IPL 12 season. Go out and get the trophy bro!”

From an die hard Fan


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